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VOLVO 9800 Skin ASTOR TURIZM - Bus simulator ultimate Skin



GAME: Bus simulator: ultimate

VOLVO 9800 Skin cover is prepared in the same similarity, inspired by the companies.

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To download the skin, go to the end of this post and click the red button that says "download".

To Add Skin You can install it by going to GARAGE / Truck / SKINS / ADD SKIN / ADD / GALLERY in the game.

There are no link shorteners or advertisements in the download. Direct download from GOOGLE DRIVE. The downloaded skin skin goes to your phone's downloads folder.

▶️ Do not change skins!
▶️ Do not share skins on other sites, it is copyrighted. (DO NOT AUTHORIZE)
▶️ You can use skins in-game

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NOTE: If you don't like the skin, you can contact us for more skins. You can visit Youtube Apendi Channel to see live videos of skin skins.

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