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Truck Simulator Ultimate Download

Truck Simulator Ultimate Download - A brand new game from the makers of Bus Simulator : Ultimate, played by more than 250 million players, is Truck Simulator : Ultimate.

Search Simulation and Tycoon game for the first time in the world.

Build your company, hire employees, expand your fleet. Become the king of the roads as you travel the world from one end to the other. 🚚

💡 Minimum system requirements

🕹️ System requirements for Truck Simulator : Ultimate: Android 7.0 or higher and at least 2GB memory. Players using other devices can try playing the game at low settings.

Establish your company in the world's leading countries such as Turkey, America, Canada, Russia, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Netherlands, South Korea, Japan, China, Brazil, Azerbaijan. Become the largest logistics company in the world.

Truck Simulator Game Features

- Multiplayer season. You can either carry joint cargo or participate in races. A brand new multiplayer experience awaits you.

- Transport a wide variety of cargo in over 100 cities

- Participate in auctions on the shipping exchange and earn higher profits

- Manage your own business

- Build your own truck fleet

- Hire employees and manage your company for maximum profits

- Design your offices as you wish

- Update your trucks with lamp, guard bars, horn, cockpit lights and more modification options

- 32+ Amazing Trucks and Tow Trucks

- Play with American Trucks and European trucks

- Used tow truck market

- Detailed Cockpits

- Recreational facilities. You can now order food and beverages at the Recreational facilities.

- DLC mod system

- Turkish voice over

- More than 250 radio stations

- Toll highway roads

- Realistic Weather

- Village, City, Highway roads

Truck Simulator Ultimate Download

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